About Siam Serpentarium

Siam Serpentarium Bangkok is Asia’s one and only snake museum, providing a captivating reptile experience. As an edutainment museum the place offers various activities to indulge in for visitors, making it a popular place to explore. The place has three major zones, decorated with three major snake related interests.

Walk your way through the sleek gallery filled with the life process of snakes, including how they are born, their hunting and survival skills and reproduction process as well. Witness a vibrant and colorful exhibition, showcasing different stages of a reptile’s life, with a giant snake mouth as its entrance.

After hissing through the life cycle, discover around 70 plus snake species in the serpentarium, a snake aquarium. From rare Golden Cobra to Ball Python, get amazed by these beautiful wild creatures, as you participate in various edutainment activities offered here. Siam Serpentarium Bangkok offers a unique explanation of how you can convert a snake’s venom into a hair serum. The process can be seen in their laboratory, where they educate people about the benefits of different body parts of a snake.

After this, grab a seat at one of the most entertaining and exciting reptile shows as you walk in the Naka Theater. Indulge in the amazing light and sound snake show, performed by experts for your entertainment.

Siam Serpentarium Tickets, Bangkok

Why To Book Siam Serpentarium Tickets?

With technology being so advanced, buying a Siam Serpentarium ticket is an easy task. Book your slot in advance and beat the long queue spread across the ticket counters at the museum. Get a lot of offers for booking online, with various discounted offers and other facilities. You can no doubt get a ticket from counters at the museum, but with online booking it gets easier and you will also get an idea whether the place is closed due to some unforeseen situations.

Siam Serpentarium
  • Siam Serpentarium Bangkok is known as the only snake themed museum in Asia, offering you a unique experience of holding snakes in your hands.
  • Learn about the life cycle of one of the wildest reptiles in the world, snakes, through interactive and immersive exhibitions.
  • Admire the quirky snake themed interiores of the place and feel like you are walking inside a snake's body.
  • Discover over 70 different species of snakes at the famous Snake Park, a serpentarium which also offers various edutainment activities.
  • Savor in a rare seen vibrant snake cafe, where you can also play with non-venomous snakes by holding them around your neck.
  • Witness the amazing light and sound show, depicting the history of humans and snakes, in a comfortable 400 seater theater.

Places To Visit In Siam Serpentarium

Siam Serpentarium Bangkok, offers many interesting places to visit inside the museum which are unique and unusual. Start with the Snake museum where you will witness interactive and creative digital exhibitions, which are spreading knowledge about the whole lifespan of a snake. Discover how they are born, how they hunt, survive and evolve to stay alive in life. After that you can move on to the popular Snake Park, where real life snakes with over 70 different species are waiting to meet you through window glasses. Apart from this, enjoy a playful day or witness the amazing Thai folktale inspired light and sound show at the Naka theater.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Museum

As the name suggests the place is a museum solely dedicated to one of the wildest reptiles in the world, snakes. Experience a rare exhibition that showcases the lifespan of a snake, from birth to death. The exhibition gallery welcomes you with a giant snake mouth and leads you inside a sleek and curvy path that depicts, as if you are walking inside a snake's body. Decorated with vibrant colors the place offers various modes of art from physical structures to digital setups. These interactive setups showcase a snake's birth, hunting and survival skills, and their reproduction system.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Farm

Siam Serpentarium Bangkok, is known as the only Asian snake museum, with over 70 different species of snakes living in Snake Farm, located inside the museum. This section lets you witness these sleazy reptiles in their daily routine, as they move around their cages. Discover some of the rarest species including Golden Cobra, Anaconda, and radiant Ball Python, as you explore the serpentarium. Many edutainment activities are also provided here, such as guessing the longest, heaviest, slowest, and fastests snakes in the world, that maintain your interest intact. Observe them carefully as you are not allowed to take their photos, and make sure you don’t disturb them if they are resting inside their cage, as they also have feelings of their own.

Siam Serpentarium
Naka Theatre

Meet the limbless reptiles in the exotic light and sound show performed in Naka theater at Siam Serpentarium Bangkok. Visitors from around the world get astounded as they witness a performance that unveils the epic Thai sagas, showcasing how mankind and snakes have rich history within them. Get a tight grip of your seat as the narration takes you on a journey that defies space and time. Live snakes also perform in this narration with experts displaying their friendly side in front of the world. This spacious theater can accommodate 400 people in one seating, hence, enjoy an exciting show with your loved ones.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Maze Playground

Snake Maze playground in Siam Serpentarium Bangkok, offers an open space for you to hangout and make friends with the same interest. There is a huge space where a large group of people can play some classic old games. Decorated with colorful and contemporary snake figures, fixed upon the granite based maze, this area is perfect for some photography sessions. Capture amazing pictures with your loved ones around these curvy statues. Have fun and make a lot of memories with your friends and family as you play around the place like an innocent child.

Siam Serpentarium
Souvenir and Gift Shop

Get a souvenir to remember your unique experience at Siam Serpentarium Bangkok from the huge gift shop present inside the museum. One can choose from the wide range of the items offered by the museum, including snaked themed souvenirs like mugs and stationary, along with some local snacks and treats. Here you can also select from various Thai products, such as spa products, apparels, jewelry, carving products and many more. Enjoy a wild experience in this vast shop, and buy gifts for your loved ones as you go souvenir shopping inside the museum.

Siam Serpentarium
Snake Cafe

Get a distinctive eatery experience as you visit this quirky snake cafe inside Siam Serpentarium Bangkok. The place has been a popular spot for all wildlife and especially reptile enthusiasts. Enjoy a Thai special tea or iced latte, while you can also play with some non-venom snakes and feel that exciting feeling in your gut. Savor on some delicious local as well as American fast food snacks, served in a colorful and comfortable atmosphere. There are some tables where small snakes can be seen placed right in the middle in a safe container to offer a thrilling dining experience to all its visitors.

What To Expect In Siam Serpentarium?

Siam Serpentarium

Get ready to change your perspective about one of the most feared reptiles in the world. Here you can expect to gain more knowledge about snakes while enjoying some of the vibrant interiors and activities in the snake world. Learn more about the life cycle of a snake, how they are born, how they hunt and survive, along with their evolving skills. Through audio visual exhibition, get a glimpse of how a snake’s body feels.

With this being said, make sure you cover the liveliest part of the museum, the Snake park, where you can expect to discover over 70 various species of snakes from around the world. See them in their laze around the glass containers as they climb around the trees and plants inside their glass window. You can witness some amazing snake shows along with a regular light and sound show, held in the 400 seater elegant Naka theater. Learn about the local Thai folktales that go way back in the past giving a glimpse into the lives of humankind and snakes.

Dine in one of the most vibrant yet elegant cafes based on the theme of snakes, where you can also hold a live non-venomous snake in your hands.

Know Before You Visit Siam Serpentarium

Essential Information
How To Reach
Siam Serpentarium

Location: 969 Luang Phaeng Rd, Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand

Timings: 10 am - 6 pm (Last admission at 5 pm)

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Siam Serpentarium is during the early hours of the museum, when you will get less crowd and more time to explore the museum to its fullest. You will also find snakes in the museum more interactive during the early hours around 10 am.

Tips To Visit Siam Serpentarium

  • While handling snakes one must keep a safe distance from their mouth for safety reasons.
  • Make sure you handle these harmless snakes with ease, as when handled inappropriately they might get a little cranky.
  • Don’t feed any outside food including packed snacks and sweets to any of the snakes. They follow a special diet and it would be harmful for them to digest any other food item.
  • Make sure you listen to all the safety measures that the museum’s security mentions at the start of the trip. It will help you in time of need to use some wise advice from experts.

Siam Serpentarium FAQs

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